Quartz with unknown inclusions
Zongyang Co., Tongling City, Anhui Prov., China
Cabinet, 10.9 x 8.3 x 7.1 cm
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This is an interesting and intricately included Quartz scepter from China. It is a single, robust, glassy, transparent crystal that is dominantly the large, top, sceptered termination that is chock full of pale golden sprays of an unknown mineral, possibly an Amphibole Group mineral? One can easily see right into the crystal from three of the six broad pyramidal faces to see these radiating tufts of acicular crystals to around 2 cm in length. What adds to the beauty of this piece is that the crystal has a modest amethystine hue to it that provides nice contrast to the interior inclusions. All of the inclusion sprays are so easily visible in the crystal for striking effect! The remainder of the crystal consists of a series of numerous, concentric, downward-facing Quartz terminations that that taper to a crude point. These sub-crystals comprise the bottom half of the piece that is somewhat jagged in appearance from all of the ringed, crude to moderately well developed, individual Quartz points. This is truly a captivating piece!