Quartz with Rutile Inclusions
Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil
Cabinet, 12.7 x 10.7 x 9.3 cm

This is an outstanding light Smoky Quartz cluster that is included by a rich nest of golden Rutile needles! The luster and gemminess of the Quartz are outstanding and it is remarkably nearly pristine (perfect 360 save a very small amount of trivial restoration on the tips). This attractive group is composed of two large crystals and several smaller ones. The two large, full-bodied crystals measure five and three inches, respectively and are both about two and a half inches across! The smaller crystals at the base in the front and back are from one to two inches in size and are in great condition. All of the super lustrous Quartz crystals are just chock full of slender, hair-like, lovely, golden Rutile crystals that, in most cases, radiate from a small, equant, Hematite nucleus while others are feathery wisps loosely to densely clustered within the crystals. The density of the Rutile within the Quartz crystals seems to impart a light golden smoky, almost Citrine-like, hue to them. It's just a gorgeous and aesthetic well-balanced piece! It is very difficult to find good Rutilated Quartz clusters like this in this, or any, size range! This is a special quality. From the personal collection of Brazilian dealer and importer, Danny Duke. This is hefty, big, dramatic...and larger in person than most other finely crystallized and undamaged examples you would see on the market. 1215 grams.