Quartz with Anhydrite Tube inclusions
Grimsel, Bern, Switzerland
Cabinet, 10.4 x 8.3 x 5.7 cm
Ex. Brent Lockhart

This fine and lustrous, sparkling smoky Quartz crystal is very richly included by Anhydrite - which is incredibly rare, and is also quite dramatic! This type of included Quartz is seldom seen from the Swiss Alps or anywhere for that matter. The robust Smoky Quartz crystal measures four inches tall and almost three and a half inches wide and is completely limpid, very transparent like glass. The acicular Anhydrite prisms at the interior are translucent to transparent and appear to be tan in color although the color is somewhat obscured by the smoky hue of the Quartz. The Anhydrite crystals range in size from a half inch to almost three inches in length and occur as randomly oriented crystals with all of them having a rectangular cross-section (logical, given their orthorhombic crystallization for anhydrite). The crystal and its inclusions are set off by a sliver of buff matrix on the backside that can be seen right through the Smoky Quartz crystal! We have not seen another Quartz from here or anywhere else comparably included with Anhydrite crystals! From the well-known Brent Lockhart Swiss minerals collection (which we purchased in 2021). Sourced for Brent by Siber&Siber, the multigenerational fine Swiss minerals dealership.