Quartz with Rutile inclusions
Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil
Cabinet, 11.8 x 7.7 x 5.0 cm
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This is a large and commanding specimen of Rutile included Quartz from the classic Brazilian locality at Novo Horizonte. It is a very robust piece in that the big Quartz crystal is four and a half inches long and nearly three inches wide. The crystal is smoky hued and hosts a large, almost stellate spray of golden Rutile crystals right in the pyramidal termination of the piece for dramatic affect. The Rutile spray radiates from a small, platy, central Hematite crystal from which the epitaxial Rutiles diverge from and are one-half to 1 inch in length nearly one-half inch in width. The radiating Rutile arms are largely flat and two dimensional, composed of individual, tightly packed, parallel growth needles that scintillate with any incident light. The Rutile sprays really stand out within this stout, smoky hued, limpid Quartz crystal on this alarmingly beautiful piece. The contrast of symmetries, color and of the acicular Rutile needles inside to the sharp faces of the enclosing Quartz is more dramatic than we normally see and it stands straight up for display. There is very minor, invisible epoxy restoration to the Quartz crystal in two spots (one edge and the slightest top of the tip). 658 grams of pure, high grade, carving material - much of which is purchased for exactly that, and destroys the specimen in the pursuit of the manmade art.