Smithsonite with Aurichalcite
Yanga Koubenza Quarries, M'Fouti, Bouenza Dept., Republic of the Congo
Cabinet, 11.1 x 6.0 x 3.8 cm
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The new finds of bright blue smithsonite and aurichalcite from Yanga Koubenza made a splash in the mineral community in late 2021 after a few pockets were extracted in the summer. It is easy to see why as the best of this find closely resembles finds from the famed (and much more expensive and long defunct) Kelly mine! While hundreds of specimens were recovered, few were of high quality, and we were lucky enough to acquire a small parcel of some of the best! This specimen is very three dimensional with lustrous, botryoidal smithsonite coating much of the specimen. The color of the smithsonite has a pronounced transition from grey/colorless to a richly saturated blue, and there are small patches of aurichalcite in areas where the smithsonite has not fully covered. This is the best two-tone smithsonite specimen in the lot!