Beryl var. Emerald
Coscuez Mine, Boyaca Dept., Colombia
Miniature, 3.2 x 1.8 x 1.1 cm
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This is a superb Emerald crystal from the famous (infamous, really) mine at Coscuez, one of the best specimen mines for Emeralds in this district. This handsome, 3.2 cm crystal exhibits superb luster and a saturated green coloration. It is translucent to slightly gemmy through much of its length and has a 2 mm gem cap! Upon close inspection it is really two crystals, one thicker and one thinner crystal in very tight parallel growth. The prism faces and the flat pinacoid termination display a glassy luster and have sharp edges save a couple tiny areas at the rear where another Emerald crystal left a slight negative impression. There are also a few, smaller side-car crystals, two, small, slender ones in parallel growth with the larger ones and a stubby one, all near the bottom. There is small area of expert and invisible restoration at one edge at the termination. This beauty has a mass of 9.6 grams.