Epidote and Quartz
Zhob Dist., Balochistan Region, Pakistan
Cabinet, 10.1 x 7.3 x 3.1 cm
Ex. Herb Obodda
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This is an incredibly showy Epidote and Quartz specimen from Pakistan formerly in the Herb Obodda collection, and Herb had the largest and most broad collection of modern material from Afghanistan and Pakistan, built during 60+ trips there since the late 1960s. He brought out this particular pocket, and THIS is the specimen he kept in his personal collection for over a decade until we purchased the entire collection. At the center of this flashy, sparkly specimen is a stout, lustrous, nearly transparent Quartz crystal that is entirely wreathed in dark green-black Epidote crystal clusters. The Epidotes are in fan-like aggregates consisting of 1 to 3 cm, super lustrous crystals that are juxtaposed to one another all the way around the Quartz crystal for maximum aesthetics and great composition! When held up to the light, the Quartz crystal glows and is silhouetted by the encircling Epidote. This is a great piece that came out of Pakistan a few decades ago and picked up by Herb on his travels to that part of the world. These have continued to come out with epidote in recent years, but not with pieces quite this dramatic - this was a totally unique pocket, and we have seen nothing like it since. With the provenance to Obodda's collection (with label, #1074), you know it was a top specimen in the pocket.