Skeletal Quartz (floater)
Illiez Valley, Wallis, Switzerland
Large Cabinet, 14.4 x 8.0 x 3.7 cm
Ex. Brent Lockhart

This is a significant and unique, pristine and beautiful quartz crystal specimen from Switzerland that at first glance might actually be mistaken for a Brazilian style. And while such complex quartz with scepters and hoppers does occur in Brazil, I have never seen one so well doubly-terminated, only singles. This is not only doubly-terminated, but is a complete floater, all around! It also has provenance with labels from the Robert Hauser and Godehard Schwethelm collections via Siber & Siber, putting it back into the 1960s or before. The photos and video do it justice without needing to say more except that it is simply mesmerizing in person, very 3-dimensional. We have a custom lucite display base to show it horizontally. When lit, the skeletal/hopper growths reflect light and it looks like it has many tiny mirrors. I can say that this is perhaps the most atypical quartz in the collection of over 100 Swiss Quartz specimens, but from the moment I first saw it, has always been one of my favorites in the Lockhart Swiss collection.