Gypsum (twinned) on Halite
Salinas de Otuma, Paracas, Pisco, Ica, Peru
Miniature, 5.1 x 4.9 x 3.6 cm
Ex. Wally Mann

Golden Selenite from Peru sets an aesthetic masterpiece level for this species that is just so hard to beat, and years later most of us still consider these to be the finest gypsums: The combination of sharp form, brilliant luster, and golden color, makes these the "jewels" of the Selenite world. These were once common for a brief while in the early 2000's, but truly outstanding pieces like this were never available widely and were always expensive, even when sold under the table and out of sight. This 3 cm Selenite crystal is completely gem and is a rich golden-yellow color and to top it off, it is twinned! It sits perfectly on a cluster of colorless, transparent to translucent cubic Halite crystals to 1.3 cm. This is a perfect miniature specimen with balance, poise, color and luster. It literally glows in a cabinet. Ex. Wally Mann collection and comes with a custom engraved acrylic base.