Thortveitite (type locality)
Iveland area, Norway
Miniature, 4.8 x 1.5 x 1.0 cm
Ex. Jean Behier
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Thortveitite is an incredibly rare scandium silicate in large crystals. This lustrous, brown Thortveitite crystal is exceptionally large for the species at two inches! It is actually a tight cluster of crystals in parallel growth. Each individual crystal in this cluster has sharp form and each one has an absolutely perfect termination! The type locality for Thortveitite is in the Iveland area of southern Norway and this area contains thirteen likely related localities. The chances are good that this quality crystal is actually from the type locality and it is certainly from the region in which the first were found. This is very important Thortveitite miniature with great provenance as it was formerly in the collection of Jean Behier (a renowned French exploration geologist and longtime consultant on rare earths and to the government of Madagascar in early mineral development). Jean Behier (1903-1965), was a mineralogist with the Service Géologique, Madagascar who found the mineral named after him, Behierite, in 1959.