Fluor-Buergerite (type locality)
Mexquitic de Carmona Mun., San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Small Cabinet, 7.3 x 5.5 x 2.3 cm
Ex. Bart Cannon
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Fluor-buergerite is a rare member of the Tourmaline Group recognized by its overall bronze-brown color with a golden sheen and remains a unique and rarely seen tourmaline species. This Mexican locality is not only the type locality, it is also the only validated world locality with a few others purported in Europe and some dubious localities in South Dakota. This is a rich, aesthetic display-sized specimen of this very rare tourmaline varietal. There are over three dozen lustrous, well-formed, doubly terminated, equant to elongate prismatic crystals from 3 mm to 1.4 cm on this piece that are either loosely clustered or well isolated. Crystals are the characteristic and pleasing translucent, bronze-brown color with golden highlights and contrast well with the pinkish tan matrix. The Mexquitic de Carmona Municipality produced one single batch of Fluor-buergerite in the late 1960s that came to Tucson and was never repeated because the person who found it died before revealing the location. No additional material was found until Dr. Miguel Romero hired two exploration geologists to go looking for it again and only a few specimens were found. Ex. John Cummings White collection (1974 purchase) who sold it to Bart Cannon, the noted Washington area collector who tragically passed away recently. Bart traded this to me some years ago. It is one of the few, relatively large, display specimens of this material we have seen for sale in decades.