Poteryaevskoe Mine, Rubtsovskoe, Rudnyi Altai, Western-Siberian Region, Russia
Miniature, 4.7 x 4.3 x 3.5 cm
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Mined in December of 2010, in the last really great cuprite pocket, this was a miner's holdback specimen - much sharper, more lustrous, and larger than any material still occasionally found here since those early and dramatic finds stunned the mineral world. This large and extremely impressive cuprite cluster features sharp, lustrous octahedrons, with good luster and a slight translucence. It is colored a deep red with vibrant luster, strongly red when backlit. Although complete on the display face, and all around, there is contact on the bottom face. It is very 3-dimensional. This stands upright and 3-dimensionally instead of in flat-laying plates, as most do. It is a superb miniature, of high quality. Based on current production here (and this mine is almost through its oxidation zone where these form), I do not anticipate more of this style, as time has proven after decades now. These are world class cuprites, from a great location!