Elbaite Tourmaline with Quartz
Pyingyi Taung, Let-pan-hla, Singu Township, Pyin-Oo-Lwin District, Mandalay Region, Myanmar (Burma)
Small Cabinet, 6.6 x 5.0 x 2.5 cm
Ex. William (Bill) Larson
At least a dozen lustrous Elbaite crystals are intergrown glassy Quartz crystals on this small cabinet piece Myanmar (Burma). All of the Tourmalines are polychrome with a dark green-black (Schorl) basal portion that transitions into a pale grass-green diffuse zone followed by a nearly colorless zone (Achroite) to pale olive green zone to the terminations that hosts a very subtle, thin, dispersed, pink zone in some of the crystals. The Elbaite Tourmaline crystals are largely 1 to 2 cm in length with some some tiny ones tucked in the Quartz measuring a few millimeters. Many of the Tourmalines show directional growth orientation with one, larger, pronounced outlier at an obtuse angle along with several tiny crystals. The glassy, transparent to translucent Quartz crystals resemble "Herkimers" in appearance with their stout doubly terminated habit intergrown with and growing on top of the Tourmaline crystals. There are so many of them that piece scintillates with their super luster. There are a few translucent white-gray Feldspar crystals on onside at the periphery. In Burma, at the time, these actually were considered much more rare and valuable than the translucent red crystals we consider so famous from the region, because true elongated gem tourmalines like this had not been seen as often. Bill told me he paid about twice this price on the ground in Burma (just had to have for the collection...)!