Beryl var. Aquamarine
Mogok Valley Zone, Mandalay Region, Myanmar (Burma)
Miniature, 5.3 x 1.1 x 0.7 cm
Ex. William (Bill) Larson

We don't see many Aquamarines from the pegmatites of Myanmar (Burma) and this slender, gemmy grouping is very attractive! It has a pale, but distinctly blue color throughout. There must be five component crystals in parallel to nearly parallel growth with terminations set at varying heights stepped along the group. The largest crystal in the group is 7 mm across and all of the crystals show flat, pinacoid terminations with slight pyramidal modifications without any damage. The opposing end of the crystals is actually tapered and comes to somewhat of a point and there is a small (1.5 cm), slender Aquamarine crystal diverging from that area. This end has a tiny contact where the group may have been attached to a slender stalk of an Aquamarine crystal. The piece is gemmy through much of its length with a few, very small and insignificant internal fractures, otherwise totally gemmy. 6.0 grams.