Gunnislake Mine, Cornwall, England
Miniature, 3.7 x 3.6 x 2.8 cm
Ex. Ernest Schlichter
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Cornwall is one of those great very classic English localities that always have a certain allure to them and minerals of any kind are always in demand like this fantastic Torbernite. This Torbernite miniature is classic Cornwall with its saturated, almost iridescent green color and equally dazzling pearly luster. They are still to this day considered best of species by many people, although the African material is more gemmy - still, not lots of competition with crystals of THIS size! The largest crystal on this piece measures an incredible 2.3 cm in length which is large for the species and the locality!This is a cluster of several platy, tetragonal Torbernite crystals composed of aggregates of thin crystals in parallel growth and some even have a shallow V-shape or "herring bone" growth pattern. Torbernite is an uncommon hydrated copper-uranyl phosphate and Cornwall has produced some great specimens historically and not many are preserved. “Gunnies” of this quality are rare and much in demand. Ernest Schlichter collection with label.

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