Augelite on Lazulite
Rapid Creek, Yukon, Canada
Miniature, 6.0 x 4.5 x 3.4 cm
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This amazing specimen of a rare phosphate species features a large, 2.5 cm Augelite crystal which has to be one of the largest of its size for the locality. The big crystal, along with an intergrown crystal, and numerous smaller ones have a pleasing translucent green-blue color with orangey highlights and bright luster. The sharp, monoclinic crystal is nicely displayed front and center on well-trimmed matrix covered with sparkling deep blue Lazulite crystals and over a dozen, smaller Augelite crystals cascade down the front below the large clustered duo. The big Augelite is doubly-terminated, 3-dimensional, and complete. The intergrown crystal to the left has a slight contact on the left edge that is, in context, trivial. For the sheer size and the display aesthetics, I think this is a major specimen for both species and locality! Purchased directly from the discoverer, the intrepid Rod Tyson, after one of his weeks-long helicoptering expeditions to this remote location (circa 2006).

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