Yttrofluorite on Calcite
Qinglong Mine (Dachang Mine), Qinglong County, Qianxinan, Guizhou, China
Cabinet, 11.6 x 8.0 x 5.2 cm

This is a large plate of densely clustered, small scalenohedral crystals covered with glittering yttrofluorite microcrystals. There are two isolated, larger calcite crystals (to 3.5 cm) showing interesting modifications and faces that have the most yttrofluorite coverage. There is a second generation of gemmy, clear calcite at the base of the scalenohedral crystals. The bottom is sawn, which not only gives an even keel for display but provides an interesting glance into the brecciated calcite vein that these specimens formed in. This is a large, sparkling specimen from this truly new find of 2021, with something we had not yet seen before from China - or anywhere.

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