San Pedro Corralitos, Chihuahua, Mexico
Cabinet, 10.3 x 4.4 x 4.3 cm
Ex. R. D. Mushlitz

A San Pedro Corralitos Mimetite from the famous finds in the late 1960s is immediately recognizable to any collector as one of the most desirable Mimetite specimens from any worldwide locality and has a unique appearance. Bright yellow, satin lustered orbs of mounded Mimetite cover the entire display face of this elongate specimen. This is a superb and aesthetic, three-dimensional cluster of variably-sized, golden-yellow Mimetite botryoids that vary between 3 mm to over 1 cm across. The orbs are richly clustered on the piece, so much so that the single layers of Mimetite botryoids are a bright yellow and those that are more thickly mounded are a deeper golden yellow. The surface of these attractive and unbruised orbs scintillate due to their splendid satin luster. This piece looks great displayed horizontally or vertically. A rare and excellent old-time piece. Ex. R. D. Mushlitz collection. This is an extremely large piece to be in such good condition and has excellent 3-dimensionality and "sparkle" to it. These are literally one of the Holy Grails of collecting, as great ones were rare even when they came out and now, 50 years later, they simply are not on the market.

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