Merelani Hills, Manyara Region, Tanzania
Miniature, 5.1 x 2.4 x 1.5 cm

A dramatic and sharply geometric, purple and blue Tanzanite crystal! This is a formidable display specimen with its steep, spearpoint shape, gorgeous and intense blue and purple color and generous gemminess! Face-on, the crystal is purple with distinct blue highlights along the edges, and viewing it through the sides it has a rich, cornflower blue color. Both views easily reveal how gemmy this crystal is with some minor internal, horizontal fracture traces that are common in many of these. This robust crystal has a commanding presence in a showcase because dramatic form, gemminess and intense color saturation. All of the faces and edges are well formed and sharp with light striations on the prism faces. There is a triangular impression near the base from what was an intergrown Tanzanite that is partially lined with gray-silver Graphite. The internal brilliance and the surface luster are both very high, and the saturated blue color is at the top of the spectrum for what you could ask for in a Tanzanite. When backlit it glows from across a room. Tanzanite can be treated with heat to enhance the blue saturation, and this drives out the third color (red to brown) you otherwise see on the long axis when shining a light from the bottom. While the color on this piece looks like natural hues and saturation to me, it is possible that it was heat treated, but impossible to prove 100%. One should assume that tanzanites are treated for color enhancement unless you can see that long axis red/brown tone. So, possibly it was heated to some degree, but not as much as usually, as the blue here is somewhat variegated and natural. 38.32 grams.

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