Thumbnail, 1.3 x 1.0 x 1.0 cm
South Africa

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South Africa has produced a flood of diamonds for the gem trade, and sometimes a good crystal goes out in the lots to siteholders and is miraculously saved from a quick death by cutting due to its obvious beauty. Sometimes, we then stumble across great ones like this, preserved as collector specimens - although the people who get them in bulk diamond lots charge cutting value PLUS a premium to us as mineral collectors to "not cut them" into a commodity. This is a stunningly sharp, textbook, colorless, Diamond octahedron weighing in at 9.65 carats. It is a perfect crystal with very sharp edges, faces and corners that reflect light brilliantly! The faces are so smooth that the crystal is almost slippery to the touch. The crystal has edges up to 1.1 cm. The gemminess of this crystal is readily apparent as there are very few internal inclusions as you can see from the video. One corner has a cloudy area and then a small fuzzy area near the center, otherwise it's totally gem. An exquisite Diamond thumbnail specimen near the top of its game for quality, and at a significant size for most collectors as it stands about 1.5 cm tall from tip to tip, when mounted upon a point!

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