Elbaite Tourmaline (old style)
Cabinet, 12.4 x 6.3 x 3.2 cm
Paprok, Nuristan, Afghanistan

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A commanding and dramatic, vibrant cranberry-colored Elbaite Tourmaline crystal from really old finds at the Paprok pegmatites in Afghanistan! This stout crystal is a lovely, translucent purplish-cranberry color throughout, is even more interesting and dramatic because it is so strongly striated parallel to its length (the long axis, up and down); and then as a final flair it has a unique termination with a noticeable, 2.5 mm thick, intense magenta-colored, gemmy cap at its top. Although somewhat cloudy internally, the whole crystal is translucent and the right side of the crystal is quite gemmy from top to bottom. This is an old piece from early production out the Afghan pegmatites in the 1980s or1990s, of a style we have not seen since, from an older collection. 437 grams (about a pound in weight)

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