Beryl var. Aquamarine
Shengus, Roundu District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Small Cabinet, 9.3 x 2.3 x 2.1 cm
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A complete-all-around, duet of perfect, gem, statuesque Aquamarine crystals from Pakistan with an unusually beautiful termination! The crystals are in near perfect parallel growth with one slightly taller than the other. They are both slightly turbid internally at the base, but with a gem exterior, and display a faint phantom that runs part way up with top halves of the them being totally gemmy. The Aquas are super glassy, free of damage, complete, with sharp edges and perfect terminations that have pyramidal modifications. There is a third partial Aqua crystal stub at the base along with some anhedral Albite and Schorl. A few slender, black Schorl crystals are found internal to the Aquamarine crystals near the base and a few small Schorls found locally decorating the Aquas externally. Remarkably, there are no repairs or restorations, just natural perfection here.