Beryl var. Aquamarine
Small Cabinet, 8.5 x 2.5 x 1.8 cm
Quy Chau District, Nghe An Province, Vietnam
Here we have a very color saturated, intense-blue, mostly transparent, gem Aquamarine crystal group from Vietnam whose color surpasses the typical saturated blue tones from any of the more famous worldwide Aquamarine localities. The color is intense and reminds me only of a few Jos Plateau (Nigeria) Aquamarines I have seen in the distant past as it is a much deeper blue than Aquas from Pakistan or Brazil. There are seven, glassy Aquamarine crystals in tight, parallel growth on this nearly three and a half inch-tall group, that is almost an inch wide and complete all-around. All of the crystals in this parallel grouping have sharply defined edges and faces along with complex pyramidal termination on each component crystal. It's just a fabulous piece with stunning color and the terraced, geometric terminations are just fascinating. A grayish, flattened, lustrous, 1.4 cm grouping of Albite crystals embellished the side of the piece and there are several, small (2-4 mm), slender prismatic, black Schorl crystals scattered about the terminations. It is nearly pristine: There is one barely perceptible elongate ding along one edge and there is a faint contact in another area where it grew against another crystal, but is not damage. The mass of this gorgeous Aqua is 66.61 grams. From modern era finds, of the last 2 years, this is remarkable, and I have not seen this quality since a group were released into the market in the Los Angeles area in the 1990s, purportedly carried out of Vietnam during the war by a Royal. The color is quite literally stunning, hard to convey in video, but worth a bit of hyperbole here.
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