Beryl var. Heliodor
near Cua Khau Quoc te Xa Mat, Tan Bien District, Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam
Cabinet, 11.0 x 2.0 x 1.8 cm

An unusual crystal of the golden variety of beryl, heliodor, from an unusual locality as well: we purchased this from new sources in Vietnam over the 2020 summer of COVID while they were all wide open and working. In the past, apparently, much of this heliodor material went to the labs and got treated by heat to change into aquamarine, and cut. We were able to short-circuit that process and buy a few loose crystals that summer. This one is cleaned only with water, and we purposefully left some of the "pocket clay" on it, to help show they are natural and not over cleaned or treated. It is doubly-terminated, although admittedly the bottom termination is stalky and crude. The color is a nice, classic heliodor hue of golden-amber. Complete all around, this is 62 grams. Vertically, standing next to other gem crystals, the color is stunning! For whatever reasons of public perception and value in the gem trade, although heliodor is more rare in nature than aquamarines, they do not seem to command the same price for what is often a lot more color impact.