Azurite with Chalcoalunite
Czar Shaft, Copper Queen Mine, Bisbee, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
Cabinet, 11.0 x 8.0 x 5.3 cm
Ex. Drs. Raul and Helen Madrid
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This is a stunning, tri-color specimen from the famed Czar Shaft at the Bisbee Mine that features 3 different secondary copper minerals on one specimen: bands of royal blue Azurite; sea-green Chalcoalunite; and contrasting green Malachite. The central portion of the specimen consists of multi-colored and multi-textural Azurite that varies from rhythmically banded, medium and dark blue Azurite culminating in shallow botryoidal mounds in the elongated opening in the center (and as a bonus, with patches of dark blue, scintillating microcrystals of Azurite as well!). Adjacent to the Azurite and going outward is an earthy layer of bright greenish-white Chalcoalunite that covers, and is intergrown with, the spongy textured, orange-brown matrix for a great color contrast! Some of the small vugs in the matrix are lined with bright emerald green Malachite crystals as an added bonus. A super colorful piece from this historic mine, that "flows" in a way minerals seldom do, and has a fascinating surface that has so many color and textural contrasts. Highly unusual old specimen. Ex Raul and Helen Madrid Collection. This is one of a very very few such rich chalcoalunite specimens that have survived, and then also come to market. In fact, this specimen was for many years (perhaps since the day it was found!) mislabelled as an azurite with chrysocolla! But the weight is wrong, the color is wrong for the location, and we had it analysed - it is indeed, one of the more rich examples of this very rare species, and a significant USA display specimen. It displays both vertically or horizontally.

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