Elbaite Tourmaline (early 1900s)
Miniature, 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.8 cm
Gillette Quarry, Haddam Neck, Haddam, Middlesex Co., Connecticut, USA
Ex. John Sinkankas
A stout, dark green Tourmaline crystal of extreme gemminess from Connecticut, from the classic gem tourmaline locality on the US East Coast. This is an old-timer from the mid-1900s, self collected by John Sinkankas and then sold to another local tourmaline collector before he passed away. It was then in that collection for nearly 20 years (information disclosed with purchase on my own label, noting the chain of ownership) before passing to me. It is bottle-green, well-formed, lightly striated and has a perfect pyramidal termination typical of the best of a Connecticut tourmaline. The crystal exhibits a glassy luster and is completely gem from top to bottom with only a trace of internal veiled inclusions. The green color is relatively uniform, however, there is just a yellowish tint to the green at the top and bottom of the crystal (again, characteristic of the location). This lovely Gillette Quarry Tourmaline has a mass of 9 grams. It is an important historic classic and things like this are simply unavailable on the market.
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