Fluorapophyllite, Stilbite, Heulandite
Ahmednagar, Mahrashtra State, India
Cabinet, 12.1 x 6.5 x 6.3 cm

This is one impressive and well balanced Fluorapophyllite and Stilbite matrix specimen! It is very atypical and unique as far as Indian "Zeolite specimens" go, and is one of the only two larger specimens from a single early 2019 pocket that produced only a handful of specimens. In person quite different than any others you have seen from these very productive deposits, in my experience. This colorful piece displays a sensational, vibrant, almost better than Emerald green, open-ended sheaf of Fluorapophyllite on the right side and a cluster of ivory colored Stilbite crystals on the other side. The Fluorapophyllite spray measures 6.3 cm in longest dimension and consists of numerous, slender, tightly divergent groups of gemmy, intense green, pointy, well terminated crystals that are just spectacular. There must be a dozen Stilbite crystals on the left side that are beautifully arranged in two adjacent groups with elongate, bladed crystals to 4.6 cm in length. The Stilbites and Fluorapophyllites become intergrown right in the center of the piece for great composition. There are dozens of 2 to 3 mm, pink Heulandite crystals in loose, somewhat isolated groups mostly on the right side of the piece but some on the left. The base for all of these minerals is a very fine-grained, barely discernible, light blue, discontinuous coating of Chalcedony over the gray to brown basalt matrix. This is NOT just another Indian apophyllite. It is something more, a 1-in-a-decade find, and perhaps the video will convey it.