Wolodarsk-Wolynskii, Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraine
Miniature, 5.0 x 4.0 x 3.3 cm

This is a stout, vibrant, greenish-yellow, gem quality, lustrous, pristine crystal of Heliodor Beryl from the famous discovery in the Ukraine in the 1980s. This pegmatite locality is world-renowned for these highly sought after and admired Heliodor specimens because of the combination of sparkle, color saturation (when at its best, as is this one), and transparency. This full-bodied crystal has all of the characteristics a collector could ask for with respect to these Heliodors in a miniature size: classic vivid color, well-developed geometric etch patterns, and unique appearance. The natural etching on this piece displays intriguing, angular, geometric designs that are mesmerizing and the glass-like luster really enhances the appearance of the crystal. All of these attributes make this piece essential to any gem crystal collector or collector of pegmatite minerals. It is superb for its size, clarity, color, and brilliant luster and has a mass of just over 93 grams. From the long held private collection of "Dr. Moon Dust," James Carter of Dallas. Dr. Carter was the world expert on creating synthetic moon dust for the NASA Apollo Program to test the rover and boots used by astronauts, and continued his research here in Dallas in his retirement. He bought this crystal in the late 1980s from the first Ukrainian academicians who took them in their hand luggage to Dallas when they came to the University of Texas for research with James, and had held it since then. While bigger crystals exist all over the market, up to arm size, it is actually really difficult to find a miniature sized example in this quality - big and robust, with top yellow color. Most of the modern heliodors from the same location are greenish in comparison, when held up next to the best of the old material, and yet they have high value. Most miniatures are simply skinny stalks, whereas this is robust. This is literally a jewel that sits upright and sparkles, something special, and intense yellow in person.