Isoanala, Betroka, Anosy, Madagascar
Cabinet, 9.5 x 6.7 x 4.8 cm

A beastly, HUGE, important Zircon crystal from Madagascar with a classic tetragonal crystal habit. This hefty Zircon weighs in at 558 grams and has sharply defined crystal faces and edges. It is not only one of the largest crystals we've seen, but is also one of the sharpest in the size. It is translucent in places at the edge, revealing a rich brown-red color. It exhibits a waxy luster that is typical for the species. The prominent edge of the crystal along with the conspicuous prism face both display translucency and brown-red internal reflections. It is display quality, complete in front although contacted on the back and sides. Interestingly the impressions present on the back are actually geometric casts from other Zircons that grew against this one in a cluster, and have interesting patterning. This is simply a commanding zircon specimen from anywhere, but particularly from these important rare earth rich pegmatites in Madagascar. Ex. Claude Begin collection with label.