Fluorapophyllite on Stilbite
Small Cabinet, 6.0 x 5.7 x 5.1 cm
Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India

This is a stunning combination specimen from the basalt trap rock quarries of India! Several totally gem, prismatic crystals of glassy, Fluorapophyllite to 4.9 cm in length are nested in a cream to very light pinkish, pearlescent Stilbite crystals to 2.5 cm for fabulous aesthetics. Two larger Fluorapophyllites at the interior of the cluster are the core crystals for seven others that are in parallel growth. The crystals are a more saturated and translucent mint green at the base where they originate from the Stilbite crystals and rapidly transition into totally gem crystals for the remainder of their length, right up to their perfect terminations. There are a dozen, beautiful, cream colored Stilbites that provide the perfect balance in hosting these gorgeous Fluorapophyllite crystals. This is a very showy and nicely composed piece! It is common material in principle, of course, but not in quality like this. For size and balance, perfection, this 360-degree specimen stands out.