Cuprian Adamite
Kamariza Mines, Lavrion, Attica, Greece
Small Cabinet, 10.2 x 6.0 x 3.7 cm

In March of 2020, a remarkable pocket was found of these brilliant green cuprian adamites, perhaps the richest in modern times of this rare adamite variety. This is one of the larger fine pieces, remarkable for the thickness, solidity, and richness of the coverage on a large plate of quartz and rock matrix. While most specimens are flat plates, this has a bit of size and heft to it and presents a really nice three-dimensional horizon atop. It is trimmed on the bottom to sit flat and displays horizontally as shown. With a bit of backlighting, the top glows with translucency as the rim is completely freestanding and light goes through. This particular piece has the combination of the best color and luster of the pocket. It is also significant for the location, size and quality, compared to any previous finds.