Small Cabinet, 6.2 x 2.5 x 1.7 cm
Peters Mountain, Alleghany Co., Virginia, USA

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Slender columns of rainbow-banded Hematite highlight this piece from from an obscure locality at Peters Mountain, Virginia. This sculptural piece looks like slender stalagmites or stalactites that grew in unison as a parallel group and then was subsequently graced with striking color bands that start as a charcoal-bronze and sharply grade into metallic colors transitioning from orange to pink to green-yellow to blue-green to purple and then repeats towards the end of the piece. Small tips that are truncated at one end reveal the finely crystalline internal Hematite blades that make up the inside of the forms. Comes with a custom engraved acrylic base to stand upright, already made. Ex. F. Crayton collection with label indicating it was collected in 1971. Later, it was in the Virginia subcollection of the Brooks Britt collection.