Marcasite on Sphalerite
Lubin, Lubin County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland
Cabinet, 11.7 x 11.2 x 4.2 cm

Shimmering, metallic brassy yellow-green tiny crystals of Marcasite completely cover the entire mounded, botryoidal display surface from this classic Polish locality. Inspection of the entire piece, especially around the the edges and the bottom, reveals that the sparkling Marcasite is actually only a thin layer that covers large, thick botryoids of cream-to-mocha banded Sphalerite and the piece represents what is known in Poland and Germany as classic Schalenblende ore! The alternately banded Sphalerite ranges in thickness from 1 to 5 mm in thickness. This is truly an excellent example of this material with sensational display qualities! Spirifer Geological Society label.