Veszelyite (ex Ed McDole)
Black Pine Mine, Philipsburg, Granite Co., Montana, USA
Thumbnail, 1.7 x 1.1 x 0.8 cm
Ex. William Panczner

One of the absolute most rare and famous finds in USA mineral history, for beauty and rarity combined, were the Veszelyite from Montana. All great examples seem to have been mined in the late 1960s in the major pocket of this material found at Phillipsburg to date. No other pocket or style comes close to the color and luster of material from this one find, with the biggest crystals, of which this is near the maximal size. This is a world class thumbnail, as the best of species come from this pocket - from the USA or anywhere. Despite recent finds in China and Congo, this is unequaled. This is a significant specimen, 360 degrees complete and perfect all around, and suitable for any of the most important collections of thumbnails being built by the next generation of collectors. I have a fuzzy scan of a very old photo from Bill, showing what he believes to be his 1969 competition case from Nationals (perhaps that was in D.C. at the time), and this piece can clearly be seen in the dead center, standing proudly. It is stunning in person, so sharp and clean that it looks carved. It is, to me, the best and most glorious thumbnail specimen in the collection for so many reasons. This particular specimen also came through the hands of the great dealer Ed McDole, probably acquired by him at the mine. These are Holy Grails of collecting. From the award-winning thumbnail collection of Sharon and William Panczner, author of the book Minerals Of Mexico, and last seen and exhibited in the 1960s.