Thumbnail, 1.5 x 1.0 x 0.8 cm
Pulsifer Quarry Glory Pocket, Auburn, Androscoggin Co., Maine
Ex. William and Sharon Panczner

This is one of the rarest items you can own, as a collector of USA thumbnails - a great purple Pulsifer apatite, from the 1960s. Although small, this is a superb, stunning specimen which obviously takes a good photo. It GLOWS in a showcase, and stands out for the neon intense color - unequaled in the mineral world. It presents dramatically in a case and is at first glance "a Pulsifer," and from the great 1960s find by Szenics as related in multiple publications. There was a feature article in the 1960s Lapidary Journal, and also in Peter Bancroft's book, Gem & Crystal Treasures (Bill thinks this was published in the 1969 Lapidary Journal, though I do not have a copy to verify). This is simply one of the Holy Grails of USA mineral collecting. They do not exist on the market. Bill bought this piece from Terry Szenics directly after the find, wanting a perfect and pristine thumbnail for the collection. It was center case in his 1967 Nationals display, where the judges were no less than the late greats Paul Desautels, Fred Pough, and Ed Over! Bill recalled to me "They were shocked to see this specimen," and his note will be preserved to pass on to the new owner. From the award-winning thumbnail collection of Sharon and William Panczner, author of the book Minerals Of Mexico, and last seen and exhibited in the 1960s.