Quartz var. Smoky (Gwindel)
Small Cabinet, 7.5 x 5.0 x 1.9 cm
Goscheneralp, Göschenen, Reuss Valley, Uri, Switzerland
Ex. Eric Asselborn

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These twisted quartz crystals from the Alps in Switzerland almost look like blown glass. They are totally different from most quartz crystals and much more rare. This glassy and limpid crystal has a light smoky tint with a subtle, almost a pinkish hue with a flawless interior save a few veiled inclusions. The two dominant, twisted prism faces are very lightly striated for added character and the edges of the gwindel are sawtoothed quartz terminations for a super cool effect. The crystal has a wide, chisel-point termination with one very small restoration on the corner expertly performed by the preparation laboratory: their diagram and note accompany the piece. Contacted at the bottom where it was removed from the alpine cleft pocket. This smoky quartz gwindel exhibits the qualities that are coveted by mineral collectors in any specimen. It's a classic "open gwindel" of textbook form. Mass is 122.7 grams. Ex. Eric Asselborn collection with label.
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