Dioptase Pocket
Cabinet, 11.2 x 10.3 x 8.6 cm
Reneville Mine (Djoue Mines), Reneville, Pool Dept., Republic of the Congo
Ex. Jack Halpern

This is a really dramatic pocket that actually has value beyond simply the aesthetic, in showing how such crystals form in the mine in the small pockets in the vein deposits here, and so is a very unusual dioptase specimen overall. The combination of the large, electric green dioptase crystals to 2 cm adds contrast of both color and texture that makes it even more unusual! As a bonus, this is not from the more common locations we know today for dioptase (mostly in Namibia). It comes from the smaller, less known Reneville locality (which predates the dioptase finds at Tsumeb in the mid 1980s), probably collected long before Jack bought it in the 1980s (#2515). As related on mindat.org/loc-232794.html: "Reneville is a small village about 3km south of the Reneville mine, The mine consists of three old prospects which probably produced less than 100,000 tones of ore. The largest is the Indus Mine, a couple hundred meters to the north is the much smaller Amelie working and then to the south is an adit called Bel. From what I can see only the Indus workings produced any significant specimens. Blocks of limestone veined with cuprite malachite, dioptase and rare plancheite were found in trenches dug by NGEX Resources but no in situ material was found." - per Demetrius Pohl. This specimen is really 3-dimensional and difficult to convey in photos, so be sure to see the video.