Silver on Copper
Small Cabinet, 7.6 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm
Keeweenaw Peninsula Copper District, Michigan, USA
Ex. Jack Halpern

This is an important display-quality specimen featuring SHARP silver crystals without the usual etching or distortions you often see in this size, with crystals to 3 cm in a 3.5-cm-tall cluster perched on gorgeous matrix of crudely crystalline copper. It is a classic from the producing days of Michigan as "Copper Country," and from the collection of Northwestern University's old museum (sold in the 1970s, but mostly consisting of specimens donated prior to WWI). The perch of such large and robust silver crystals right at the apex of the copper loop gives this specimen really unique aesthetics. Note that we have chosen to leave this "old-looking," with the natural patina and tarnish to it that nature intended. It could, however, be quickly cleaned in a commercial silver-cleaner and this would yield a specimen with gunmetal-lustrous, silvery silver crystals atop mirror-bright copper after cleaning. Most Michigan collectors I know prefer the old antiqued look, so we have left it this way.