Beryl var. Red Beryl on Rhyolite
Ruby Violet Claims, Beaver Co., Utah, USA
Small Cabinet, 6.2 x 4.2 x 3.8 cm
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Isolated, very showy, gooseberry-red crystals of Red Beryl on a white rhyolite matrix with stunning contrast! These all came from the Harris family claims in Utah, and it is now more or less inaccessible for further collecting. Two lustrous, richly colored Red Beryl crystals are prominently displayed on this piece and they measure 1.4 and 0.9cm in length with another smaller crystal in between, and then at least a dozen, tiny, glistening red crystals scattered in loose clusters about the light colored, contrasting matrix. The two larger crystals and the intermediate one are all well-terminated at one end with the other termination of these essentially hidden in the matrix. All of the Red Beryl crystals on this piece have central gemmy areas with turbid, slightly lighter red areas at the terminations. Trace amounts of manganese produces the stunning red color. A superb Red Beryl matrix specimen for size and balance, and impact on a shelf!

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