Smithsonite var. Cuprian Smithsonite
Miniature, 3.3 x 2.3 x 2.0 cm
Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Oshikoto Region, Namibia

Gemmy single, apple-green Cuprian Smithsonite crystal with a few smaller crystals on a small piece of contrasting matrix. This little gem of a Cuprian Smithsonite crystal is textbook in its rhombohedral form and displays super luster not to mention beautiful translucence. The geometric and freestanding Cuprian Smithsonite displays prominently on a squarish patch of light gray matrix. A real prize of a "toenail" with great composition! Such crystals are rarely seen so isolated and sharp. This could also be trimmed into a very special thumbnail, but as it is, it is jus ta bit large for a true thumbnail.