Londonite with Elbaite
Miniature, 3.1 x 2.2 x 1.5 cm
Antsongombato Gem Mine, Betafo, Vakinankaratra, Madagascar
Ex. Herb Obodda

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A single, large, well-formed and translucent Londonite crystal associated with Albite and minor Elbaite-Liddicoatite Tourmaline from the type locality! An incredibly aesthetic toenail specimen of this rare species. Londonite is the cesium analogue of Rhodizite and both are rare borate minerals found in granite pegmatites. This robust Londonite measures 2.2cm across and displays a pale greenish color in standard room lighting but is more of a yellowish green in under LED lighting. It has a good vitreous luster and although you would never know it by this crystal's shape it is isometric, but this one is a bit flattened. The big Londonite is perched perfectly on a matrix of Elbaite-Liddicoatite and Albite for great balance and composition. A smaller, also perfectly formed Londonite sits isolated just below the larger one! A competition toenail for the species and formerly in the Herb Obodda collection #3239.