Anglesite on Galena
Touissit, Jerada Province, Oriental Region, Morocco
Small Cabinet, 5.3 x 4.8 x 4.1 cm

Stunning and colossal, crazy lustrous, gem yellow Anglesite on Galena matrix from Morocco! This spectacularly large Anglesite measures a full two inches in length, an inch in width and three-quarters of an inch in thickness. Two-thirds of the crystal is completely gem and yellow and the other third is a bright lemon yellow and still translucent. The Anglesite is well-formed with sharp edges and terminated on the gem end. Although complete, there is, however, a contact on the backside of this crystal that slightly affects a small part of the termination. This is not damage but is simply growth contact to another Anglesite that was cleanly separated from this one as evident from the mutual growth surface where they were attached. Transparency on this end is marvelous and one can see all the way through it to the matrix! A large gemstone could be cut from this piece, but naturally we wouldn't suggest that... There is also another partial sidecar crystal that is also gemmy at the base of the big crystal. Granular massive, bright metallic gray Galena serves as the matrix for this exquisite Anglesite. Very difficult to capture in photos, and so the video is better to convey the impact of this rare large matrix specimen.

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