Quartz pseudo after Anhydrite with Hyalite Opal
Small Cabinet, 6.9 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm
Rumipata, Ichuña, General Sánchez Cerro Province, Moquegua, Peru

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Remarkable texture and composition in this Quartz pseudomorph after Anhydrite specimen from Peru! Tabular, prismatic, flattened rectangles of what were Anhydrite crystals are completely replaced by mostly clear Quartz and then glazed by a bumpy textured coating of Opal that glows a moderately bright neon green under short wave UV! There is subtle but noticeable color gradations in some of these crystals from a pale turquoise blue in the central portions to a frosty white around the edges, with hints of pale lavender. Some of the little botryoids show this same effect from center to rim. A few crystals are broken cleanly and their rectangular cross-section reveals the replacement texture and the coating! This piece is quite artistic with its variety of coloring, mixed textures, and striking composition.