Pink Fluorite with Calcite
Miniature, 4.2 x 3.7 x 3.6 cm
Huanggang No. 5 Mine, Hexigten Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, China

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Combined exquisitely with a cluster of bladed Calcite is this aesthetic pink Fluorite crystal from the famous Huanggang Mines of China. This gorgeous, gem, rose-pink, 2.8cm on edge Fluorite is a textbook octahedron, well-formed and razor sharp. It also exhibits a good luster that has a satiny appearance. This is just a perfectly composed combination specimen and its presence is enhanced by custom engraved acrylic base that accompanies the piece. As expected, the Calcite fluoresces a orange-pink and the Fluorite a light purple. No contacting or damage of any kind on this marvelous miniature and it looks fabulous in 360 degrees of rotation! One of the better miniatures recovered from a single large pocket On August 26-28, 2019.
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