Fluorite on Calcite
Malmberget, Gallivere, Norrbotten Co., Sweden
Toenail, 3.3 x 2.9 x 1.8cm

Superb, gem Fluorite octahedrons from the famous Malmberget Iron Mine in Sweden: Two, sharp, pastel green Fluorite crystals, on the perfect amount of matrix, dominate this captivating miniature. The central portions of the crystals are somewhat lighter than the edges which are distinctly darker especially when viewed on edge. Subtle growth hillocks are present on the Fluorite crystal faces to add the right amount of texture. 1 to 4 mm, white to off-white, disc-shaped Calcite crystals are clustered on the matrix locally and a few isolated Calcites are present on the rear faces of the larger Fluorite crystal. The Fluorites are so transparent that the Calcite crystals on the matrix beneath the Fluorites can be seen! A superb Fluorite from an uncommon Swedish locality.

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