Elbaite Tourmaline
Cabinet, 9.8 x 2.7 x 2.6 cm
Himalaya Mine, San Diego County, California, USA

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What a gorgeous Himalaya Mine polychrome Elbaite Tourmaline crystal! It has the classic color scheme that made the mine famous among collectors. This crystal is nearly four inches in length and an inch wide and display at least four distinct color zones...and it's doubly terminated! The bottom of the crystal looks as though it may have been fractured in the pocket and then rehealed with a multiple termination and is pale to light green. Progressing up the crystal, we have a transparent-translucent dark olive green zone transitioning rather abruptly to a lighter olive green zone. The next zone is all about pink! Transparent-translucent light pink grading quickly into a deep, saturated pink! Now for the pinacoid termination - pink abruptly transitions into a thin, 3mm, vibrant pale yellow-green zone that progresses rapidly into a stunning, gem, apple green cap! This specimen has, in person, deeply saturated colors throughout that is BEYOND THE NORM for the mine, with more saturated reddish tones to the typical pink hue. It is NOT just another average Himalaya pink tourmaline, but stands out in a way I can only describe with the word "juicy," to try to convey it. It is a lovely polychrome Elbaite Tourmaline crystal that displays good luster on the prism faces and mirror-like luster on the pinacoid termination. There is a sidecar crystal in parallel growth that displays similar zoning and clarity. A few albite blades are attached as well. There has been a small amount of minor bits of restoration to the top termination. The mass is 144 grams. This is an old piece from the Ralph Potter era, 1950s-1970 or so.