Microcline var. Amazonite on Albite with Fluorite
Confetti Pocket, Smoky Hawk Claim, Crystal Peak, Teller Co., Colorado, USA
Small Cabinet, 8.8 x 8.4 x 5.2 cm

Nicely composed and balanced Amazonite on Albite combination specimen from pegmatite at the Smoky Hawk Claim in Colorado. Several large Amazonite crystals of the ideal blue-green color are perched on a white crystalline Albite/-Quartz matrix, instead of on the usual nest of rocky matrix of Quartz. The largest Amazonite crystal measures 5.1cm in length and has a Fluorite planted front-and-center on the prominent crystal face! The three Amazonite crystals to the lower right are in "stacked" parallel growth and there are several Amazonite crystals on the backside. At the base in the front on the white Albite there are numerous tiny, vibrant blue-green Amazonite crystals sprinkled on the white Albite base for added interest. All of the Amazonite crystals have sharp edges and crystal faces with a satiny luster; and there are two repairs on the piece, as noted on a tab at the bottom of the specimen along with the catalog number from a previous collection. A very aesthetic piece that sits well on its own but it also includes a custom engraved acrylic base. Aesthetic, balanced, and with a stunning turquoise-like color. this is as good a small cabinet amazonite as you could wish for without breaking the bank. The rare fluorite association is just a bonus.

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