Elbaite Tourmaline with Muscovite and Quartz
Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 8.5 x 5.0 cm
Sosedka, Malkhan Pegmatite Field, Chitinskaya Oblast, Zabaykalsky Krai, Russia

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What a fantastic fist-sized combination piece from the Malkhan Pegmatite Field! Malkhan is renowned for its vivid magenta Elbaite Tourmalines, and this absolutely delivers in the color department. There are two prominent Elbaite crystals, both of totally different size and character and these are set into rosettes of Muscovite, all of these are juxtaposed to a stout Quartz crystal. A prominent, super glassy, chunky, intense cranberry colored Elbaite is one of the focal crystals and it measures 2.7cm across the termination. It is lightly striated very gemmy and has a subtle amber colored core...gorgeous! The other Elbaite is totally different as it is 2.2cm long, totally gem, with medium cranberry color that is more intense looking down the length...elegant! These two crystals are set in multiple rosettes of white, platy and pearly luster Muscovite for ridiculous contrast! A 7.5cm, terminated, translucent, pale smoky Quartz dominates one side of the specimen that displays milky inclusions along preferred edges and on the front terminal faces. The lower portion is unterminated. The back of the piece shows that the specimen formed on a large Elbaite Tourmaline crystal and the remainder of the Quartz crystal. There are a few other small pink Tourmalines on the piece that are terminated along with vestiges of two other smaller pink Tourmalines that have been separated from the Muscovite that add color and don't detract. This impressive piece could be displayed in at least two orientations: one with the Quartz crystal vertical and the other with the Quartz crystal as the base and the piece sits without support this way. The aesthetics and color combination of this Malkhan specimen is fantastic, especially without breaking the bank to acquire.

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