Miniature, 3.2 x 1.8 x 1.3 cm
Cerro de Potosí, Potosí City, Potosí, Bolivia

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Phosphophyllite specimens from Potosi, Bolivia, are some of the most coveted specimens within the collecting world. Both its habit and color characterize this gorgeous phosphate mineral. This sharply twinned 4.4g crystal exemplifies the superbness of crystal faces for the species. Display-quality Phosphophyllites are a rare commodity, especially since the majority of the great material came out nearly 70 years ago! Furthermore, most of them are in collections and only make it to the market when released during a sale of an older collection. This fabulous 3.2cm crystal has two tiny dings on the termination and some contacting on the backside. The aesthetics and scarcity of Phosphophyllite crystals make them highly desirable among collectors! This is relatively large for a specimen on the market in recent years, and is indeed a full thumbnail or toenail size. If you have not seen one in person yet, you cannot imagine the unique, eye-catching is special, unsurpassed after 70 years