Calcite with Aurichalcite
Ojuela Mine, Mapimí, Mapimí Municipality, Durango, Mexico
Small Cabinet, 7.2 x 3.5 x 3.4 cm

How can you not fall in love with one of these fabulous Ojuela Mine combo specimens given the bright teal color of the Aurichalcite and the luster of the enclosing Calcite rhombs! This piece is the collector’s equivalent of “having your cake and eating it too” with the lustrous Calcite rhombs included by beautiful teal-blue Aurichalcite! The lustrous included Calcites range between 1 and 2.3cm in maximum dimension and are in very good condition overall. This is part of the 2009 find which was gobbled up by collectors when they came out so finding one with excellent color, aesthetics, and proportion like this one can be very difficult. A fantastic showy and exciting piece to add to your collection. No more are on the market!

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